Mark Twain as a Lad



2 Riverboat Cruises ~All Tours, Excursion, Activities ~ Friday Dinner ~ Saturday Lunch & Dinner ~ Sunday Lunch

$298 Per Person  

 To Reserve your ticket, you may either pay in fullOR
place a non-refundable $100 deposit for each ticket requested.  

1850s - 1860s Attire is Required for the Weekend

​​​​Grand Civilian Events'Tm 14

"Kindness You Can Depend On!"

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Spalding & Rogers Floating Circus Palace

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Grand Civilian Events cordially invites you to their 1860s living historyevent:

  "A W
eekend of Mark Twain" with 2 Riverboat Cruises!

This delightful experience is limited to 100 ladies & gentlemen dressed in period attire who will have the unique opportunity to visit the historic and charming town of Hannibal, Mo, situated on the banks of the mighty Mississippi River, for a three-day event during which we will enjoy two privately chartered 3-hour riverboat cruises!
(Yes! The whole riverboat is ours!)

Hannibal is the birthplace and boyhood hometown of Samuel Clemens, known to most as Mark Twain. Hannibal will be celebrating its Bicentennial in 2019! (www.hannibal2019.com) It was here in this quaint provincial town that the characters of Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn and Becky Thatcher came to life in the imagination of Mark Twain's imagination and on the pages of his writings! This three-day event is carefully planned so that you will have the opportunity to take in the most beloved historical sites that are associated with Mark Twain; and a few, that though they are not related to Mark Twain, are just too spectacular to miss. What better way to understand Twain's love of the Mississippi than by voyaging on a riverboat twice during the weekend!

All Levels of Society and Living History Experience are Welcome!

​Civilian and Military Equally Welcome!

8:00 pm -​A Weekend of Mark Twain will begin on Thursday evening with a meet and greet time followed by a theatrical performance at the historical Planter's Theatre where Richard Garey has for sixteen seasons delighted audiences with his first-person portrayal of the beloved Mark Twain. Like a homecoming, Garey's first-person production Mark Twain Himself returns author and humorist Samuel L. Clemens to his Missouri birthplace and Hannibal home on the banks of the Mississippi River. You will experience a special encounter with the man who made America laugh and inspired the world. It’s a great show full of hilarious comedy and compelling drama. Please wear modern casual clothing​ as a kindness to those who have travelled all day!

9:00 am- The trolleys await at the river-front near The Mark Twain Riverboat to take us on an one-hour delightful Trolley Tourof Hannibal. The tour operator will briefly stop at most of the sites directly associated with Mark Twain and will share their interesting histories. In this way, you will be given an orientation of where sites are located and a perfect introduction to Mark Twain and his wonderful town. Please note: I have contracted the only three trolleys that the company owns. Each holds 32 people in modern attire. Depending on how many register for the event, I beg your patience if we and the ladies' hoopskirts are a bit squished!

10:15 am - The trolleys will take us to our next location where we shall continue our day with tours of historic and museum sites directly related to Mark Twain. We will be visiting 3 of the seven buildings (six of these are on the National Register of Historic Places).  We will take a group photo in front of the Mark Twain Boyhood Home. During the afternoon you may wish to tour the two exciting, interactive museums whose collections include fifteen original Norman Rockwell paintings.

​Come discover how a young boy growing up in the small village of Hannibal became one of the world’s most beloved authors. As a group, we will visit:
~Mark Twain's Boyhood Home
~Tom's Sawyer's Fence
(he convinced others to paint)
~Becky Thatcher's Home
~Judge Clemens Justice-of-the-Peace Office

12:15 pm- We shall proceed to the charming Ole Planters Restaurant where the owner is closing his restaurant to the public to offer usa private home-style lunch. Individuals are responsible for the cost of their meal
(Price to be determined by restaurant in 2019 but will be about $12.)

Afternoon - You have the afternoon all to yourself to stroll thru the historic downtown area, visit other historic sites, walk along the river or shop in one or more of the antique stores. Here is a list of suggested sights to visit:

~The Mark Twain Museum which showcases 15 original Norman Rockwell paintings
~Tom and Huck Statue at the north end of Main Street.  Erected in 1926, it is one of the earliest known statues erected to honor fictional characters. Present at its dedication Laura Hawkins Frazier (Becky Thatcher) and Molly Brown, famed survivor of the Titanic, who was back for a visit to her hometown of Hannibal.  Tom and Huck look out over Historic Main Street and offer a great place for pictures.
~Molly Brown's Museum dedicated to the famous survivor of the Titanic who was on    her way back to Hannibal when the ship sank.
Other sites:
~Mark Twain Memorial Lighthouse
~Haunted Hannibal Ghost Tours
~Haunted House on Hill Street and Wax Museum
~Cameron Cave

6:30 pm - Having dressed for dinner, we will meet at and embark on the Mark Twain Riverboat for a 3-hour cruise during which dinner will be served.  You are free to roam the boat until the Captain announces that dinner is ready and you are asked to find a table and be seated. The cruise director will direct you to the buffet table. During dinner, special guest, Mark Twain, will be visiting with us again and will share more of his famous witty humor and truthful insights. 

After dinner, please feel free to explore the riverboat as you seek a seat on one of the decks and watch the sun disappear behind the Mississippi bluffs; or, you can stay indoors and perhaps enjoy a parlour game or two or a game of cards with your friends. Either way, I hope you will enjoy the peaceful sound of the Mississippi River as the riverboat navigates her waters.  Share experiences from the day with those who are seated nearby; and don't forget to wish on a falling star should you see one!

9:30 am - We will begin our second day by boarding The Mark Twain Riverboat for our second privately chartered three-hour cruise.  You will be welcomed on board with the melodious calipee as it plays its jaunty tunes! A buffet lunch will be served on board at 11:00 am while we are cruising on the mighty Mississippi River.

While you are dining, period circus entertainers will enthrall you once again with their unbelievable acts.  Perhaps they may share their Flea Circus! Their fleas all come from good bleeding...I mean BREEDING stock.  They use only the finest imported fleas, fleas who can trace their lineage to the finest of historical entertainers! If they can't, well...they just don't make the cut! Currently, they have fleas that trace their roots back to such notable entertainers as Jenny Lind! William Shakespeare! Even the Greek Playwright Virgil! ~~OR ~~based upon an actual medicine show of the mid 1800's, perhaps Professor Chalmers Bodkin-Childs will try to sell you the most recent elixir. Why, if you use his medicine, your Husbands will be smarter! Wives will be prettier! Children will be quieter! Mules will be stronger! Cows will be contenteder! Chickens will be...well, chickener! One never knows what the entertainers will do or what they will present!​

Before and after luncheon, rest on the riverboat's decks and observe the pastoral sights along the banks of the Mississippi while The Mark Twain Riverboat meanders down the river. You will surely feel that you have step back in time as we lazily travel the waters; and please, let time and modern stresses float away.  All around you are old and new friends, perhaps some dressed in their watering place attire! Together, we will be making the picture of the past become a reality for a moment in time!  What a beautiful memory.

12:30 pm - You have some free time to explore historic downtown Hannibal once again. We will meet at 2:00 pm at the riverfront.

2:00 pm - The trolley will pick us up at the river-front to take us to The Rockcliffe Mansion awaiting on top of a small bluff near the river. The mansion was built between 1898 and 1900 in the Georgian Revival Style and is a massive Gilded Age grand residence, listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  John J. Cruikshank, Jr., lumber baron, wanted a house to richly display the finest woods and furnishings money could buy, yet one that would emanate warmth and a feeling of quiet dignity.  In 1900, after two years of construction, his dream became a reality.  He and his family moved into the Mansion and resided there until his death in 1924. 

​Perched on a limestone bluff, overlooking the Mississippi River and the historic town of Hannibal below, its views are spectacular and unmatched.  The interior is decorated in the Late Victorian and Art Nouveau styles, with most of the original antique furnishings and fixtures preserved and on display.  The Mansion is filled with rich Mahogany, Oak and Walnut appointments.  Rockcliffe boasts more than 30 rooms, 10 ornate fireplaces, and many architectural details that can never again be duplicated.  The trolley will transport us back to Main St.

Please Note: A group photo will be taken at Rockcliffe; and, for anyone interested it is also a Bed & Breakfast where you might stay during the event!​

7:00 pm - Dressed in your dinner attire, we shall meet for a formal, out-of-doors, dinner under the lovely Roman-columned pavilion on the lawn of the Garth Woodside Mansion. The mansion is an historic bed and breakfast that has played an important role in the history of Hannibal, Missouri and in the life of the town’s most famous resident, Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain).

Two of Samuel Clemens’ childhood friends remained close to him all his life: John and Helen Kercheval Garth. They entertained Clemens on visits to Hannibal and corresponded with him many times. Samuel Clemens, John Garth, and Helen Kercheval were all students at Mrs. Elizabeth Horr’s school and later at that of J. D. Dawson. John is probably one of the boys who provided Clemens with inspiration for the character Tom Sawyer.

Please Note:  You may wish to lodge in this beautiful B & B! 

***Want to lodge for free in the room which Mark Twain stayed in when he made his many visits to the Garth Woodside Mansion? Well you can! We are raffling off a full three-night stay for the Samuel Clemens room, generously donated by the owner of the Mansion! This is a $700 value.  Details are in 'lodging section' below.***

Following dinner, special guest, Richard Garey, will show you Mark Twain’s hometown through a completely new lens. Sharing his original poetry featured in his book Hannibal at the Door, each showcases a small aspect of the greater whole that is Hannibal, MO from the river to the citizens. After his recitations, period circus performers will once again bemuse and entertain us. The early traveling entertainers of this country were families, often consisting of just a mom and dad and two or three children. The first reference to a circus in this country appeared in 1724 on the frontier. It had in it two people-a man and his wife. He was a fire-eater (a Human Salamander) and she a strongwoman (Female Amazon) and a slack-rope walker. Want to see half-naked dancing girls? Shame on you! Not likely, but perhaps watch as a woman is placed in a basket and 5 swords thrust through it. Or in a box with 11 steel blades! Maybe enjoy a demonstration of the 800 year-old Hindu Needle Mistery-or a demonstration of the historic phenomena of mind-reading, known as 'Samnimbulism"!​​

9:30 am-We will meet at Lover's Leap for a spectacular view overlooking the Mississippi River. It is a breathtaking photo opportunity not to be missed!

10:15 am - We will continue a short way down the road to The Mark Twain Cave.  Starting at 10:30 am, we will tour the cave for an approximately one-hour!  Mark Twain wrote about this cave in five of his books. Most notably The Adventures of Tom Sawyer published in 1876. In 1879, Jesse James used Mark Twain Cave as a hide-out after robbing a bank in Saverton, Missouri. His signature can still be seen in the cave today.
(Not on cave tour.) 

​Tour times for our group:   10:30-11:30/ 10:45-11:45 / 11:00-12:00
​ Group tour size is approximately 30 people with 15 minute delay between groups
~Things to remember about the cave tour~
1. 52 degrees year round
2. Flat surface for walking
3. No steps to climb
4. A jacket or shawl is recommended
5. Not wheelchair accessible
6. Hoops will fit through all areas of cave tour; however, you may wish to avoid silk since you may brush against a wall that has moisture.

After your tour is completed, please proceed to The Garth Woodside Mansion for a short tour and where, once everyone has arrived from the cave and taken the house tour, we will have a luncheon to conclude our time together.

1:00 pm - We will take another group photo in front of the Garth Woodside Mansion followed by a formal luncheon under the shade trees of the sweeping lawn. You are free to return home anytime after lunch. As a courtesy, you may change into your modern clothing in the mansion. If you do not need to rush away, please feel free to walk the mansion's wooded pathways, stroll by the ornamental gardens, visit the llamas, and say your good-byes. Please have a safe journey home! God bless!

Please Note:   A Weekend of Mark Twainwill conclude on Sunday at approximately 2:30 pm.

his special event with its unique experiences & wonderful opportunities is sure to leave you with a treasure trove of delightful memories & new friends! It will be an unforgettable time you'll not want to miss! Make plans now to join Grand Civilian Events for
A Weekend of Mark Twain!

Hannibal, MO 1869



                               "I have found out there ain't no surer way

                               to find out whether you like people or hate them

                             than to travel with them."
-Mark Twain


(see TripAdvisor.com) 

You may be pleasantly surprised at the economic rates of Hannibal hotels.  2018 prices range from $59 - $125 per night

Host Hotel - Best Western on the River

Group Rate is confirmed as $117.77 (includes tax) for a Room with 2 Queen Beds

You must CALL to get Civil War Reenactors Group Rate 573-248-115

Reservations will be accepted after September 12, 2018  ~~~  Room block will be released September 12, 2019

Other Suggested Hotel Choices : Holiday Inn Express, Sleep Inn, Quality Inn & Suites, Comfort Inn

Hannibal has Beautiful Victorian Bed & Breakfast Inns

Garth Woodside Mansion***, Rockcliffe Mansion, Garden House, Reagans Queen Ann, Dubach Inn

​***If you wish to stay at the Garth Woodside Mansion you must CALL to make a reservation 573-221-2789. 

The owner Julie has exclusively set aside all bedrooms for our group




Thanks to the very generous donation by the owners of 

The Garth Woodside Mansion 

Proceeds to benefit the Come to the Rainforest Foundation 

FB page https://www.facebook.com/KarenDonathenDuffy/

A 3-Night Stay During our Event in

The Samuel Clemens Room is being Raffled   

This is a $700.00 value  / Raffle tickets are $30.00 each

Besides a chance to win, with each ticket purchased you are helping the indigenous people of the Ecuadorian rainforest!

Winner will stay in the very room Mark Twain stayed in whenever he would visit The Garth Woodside Mansion!

 To Purchase Raffle Ticket: Email Karen@ProfKaren.com & state how many raffle tickets you are purchasing

Make Payment via PayPal, Credit Card or Personal Check.

Numbers will be sent once payment is received ~~ Purchase of Tickets Ends 7/1/19

Make your initial lodging reservation and if you are a winner you have plenty of time to cancel your previous arrangements

Mansion owners will draw winning number at The Garth Woodside Mansion 7/11/19

Drawing will be shown on FB Live, Winner will be notified via E-mail


St. Louis International Airport (STL) is a 2 hour scenic drive to Hannibal, Mo

Southwest Airlines usually offers the lowest rates (Get-away Rate)

Participants are responsible for their own travel between locations when necessary

Samuel Clemens Room


Including 2 Riverboat Cruises!

in cooperation with

The Historic Bicentennial Town of

Hannibal, MO

(less than two hours north-west of St. Louis)

September 12-15, 2019


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